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Best Registry CleanerWe have reviewed, tested and currently use each windows registry cleaner that you see on this website. We also scour the tech forums on a regular basis to obtain feedback on what the end users have also found.

Each Microsoft registry cleaner reviewed here works exceptionally well, and they are all engineered and supported by companies that are multi-million to multi-billion dollar corporations. Trust us, it matters.

One last note…PC speed is gained through windows registry repair, deleting orphan files, and eliminating junk files.

System Mechanic is a superior performer and is noticeably more effective than the competition in speeding up your PC and eliminating crashes and freezes.

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#1 Rated Best Registry Cleaner – 2015
System Mechanic
Editor’s Choice

System Mechanic - #1 Rated Best Registry CleanerPros: System Mechanic is the most comprehensive pc repair tool and speed optimizer we have ever tested.

It was able to prevent all freezes and crashes, it improved Windows start up time, it fixed various browser issues, repaired faulty internet connections, it updated a number of critical device drivers, and it compacted and streamlined our Windows registry. In short, our pc was as fast as when we first bought it.

We found it very refreshing and exciting to have a product that addressed every single issue of pc performance in one software package.

Cons: The product, being as comprehensive as it is, uses a bit of memory. However, this was easily offset by having software that fixed all operating issues while achieving very noticeable increases in speed and much quicker start up times.

Bottom Line:
System Mechanic is the top performing registry cleaner on the market, and has built over 50 optimization utilities in one software product. This software is very thorough in achieving performance and speed enhancements while eliminating crashes. Link below saves $20 off the regular price. Using this software makes your pc perform as if it were brand new.

System Mechanic Website

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4.5 Star Windows Registry Cleaner 4.5 Star Windows Registry Cleaner
Fix It Utilities™

Fix It Utilities - Top 5 Best Registry CleanerPros: Fix It Utilities is pure joy. It not only fixes your windows registry in a flash, but it optimizes your hard drive and browser for additional speed.

Cons: The product limits you to three installations, and we would like to see this expanded to all pc’s in the house.

Bottom Line:
Fix It Utilities does an incredible job of repairing the windows registry and speeding up your PC. Just one click runs over 250 diagnostic tests to repair and speed up your PC. This is a very powerful registry cleaner software that delivers speed to your PC.

Fix It Utilities Website

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Tune Up Utilities

Tune Up Utilities - Top 5 Best Registry CleanerPros: Tune Up Utilities not only fixes your windows registry, but it defrags your hard drive, and pauses or removes non-essential programs that hog memory and slow down your PC.

Cons: We believe more emphasis could have been placed on optimizing browser speed, but this product still makes your pc lightning fast.

Bottom Line:
Tune Up Utilities is a very thorough software that focuses on the two things that can hurt your PC speed and performance the most – registry errors and unnecessary active programs. You will be extremely pleased with the results.

Tune Up Utilities Website

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4 Star Windows Registry Cleaner 4 Star Windows Registry Cleaner
Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: Registry Reviver has an automatic registry backup that is invaluable, and they have combined it with an outstanding user interface that is a joy to use.

Cons: The license is good for only one PC, and we believe that it should be offered for all PC’s in the home.

Bottom Line:
Registry Reviver is a quality registry cleaner with a neat 1 click feature that takes care of all registry problems. A lot of time was spent to make this product attractive and easy to use. Registry Reviver is a strong cleaner software that will nicely speed up your PC.

Registry Reviver Website

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Regzooka - Top 5 Registry Cleaner For 2014Pros: Regzooka has one of the fastest scan times we tested, and was one of the most thorough in cleaning. Regzooka is outstanding at finding the problem.

Cons: The software has some advanced features that most users probably won’t utilize, but they are there if you want to get into the detail.

Bottom Line:
Regzooka is so confident in their product’s quality that they offer a 100% guarantee if it misses one problem. The software is strong at speeding up your PC and repairing the registry. Regzooka is highly effective and will make your PC a lot faster.

Regzooka Website

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